The Commercial Parameters of Auction Winners in Brazil



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    The Commercial Parameters of Auction Winners in Brazil

    Product ID: D160001-02-20-1.0
    Version: 1.0
    Release: November 2020
    Volume: Over 22K Data Points

    There is a recipe for winning renewable energy auctions and the secret is in the data. This dataset provides all the ingredients investors need to develop a winning formula for their unique projects.
    A complete history of renewable energy auction results in data. Navigated through a dashboard, these consolidated spreadsheets and raw data are accurate, comprehensive, and designed to be used by investment teams to create actionable intelligence for decision-makers. Brazil is a complex market undergoing massive reform, but the answers to the future lie in data of the past.
    This dataset is available at a special bundle with its accompanying report: Renewable Energy Auctions in Brazil: Benchmark & Complete History in PerspectiveSee Bundle

    November 2020  |  Over 22K Data Points