Renewable Energy Auctions in Brazil: Benchmark & Complete History in Perspective


Renewable Energy Auctions in Brazil: Benchmark & Complete History in Perspective

Renewable Energy Auctions in Brazil: Benchmark & Complete History in Perspective (Audio report - MP3)

Version: 1.0
Release: March 2021
Volume: 120 minutes

The success of our future often depends on how well we understand the past. For the increasingly competitive renewable energy auctions in Brazil, a history of winners, losers, and evolving criteria can lay the foundation for a successful strategy.

A complete history of renewable energy auction results in perspective. This in-depth audio report explores the whole history of Brazil’s renewable energy auctions to unearth the knowledge and insights that guide successful projects. This is an invaluable resource for all investment teams and decision-makers considering or developing projects in this new era for Brazil, the most exciting renewable energy market in the world.

*Please note – this purchase is for the audio (mp3) version of this issue.
The audio report is also available in its written version and an accompanying dataset: The Commercial Parameters of Winning Auctions in Brazil: A Complete Dataset of Renewable Energy Auction Results


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The 2-hour audio report is divided into 9 sections covering the following topics:

Audio Track 1 — Duration: 3:54

1. Introduction

Audio Track 2 — Duration: 6:26

2. Brief Analysis of the Brazilian Energy Sector
2.1 Institutional Agents
2.2 Brazil’s Energy Mix
2.2.1 Evolution of Brazil’s Installed Capacity (2017-2020)

Audio Track 3 — Duration: 6:40

3. Profile of the Regulated Market in Brazil

Audio Track 4 — Duration: 24:40

4. Energy Generation Auctions in Brazil
4.1 Regulation Focused on Renewable Sources
4.2 Technical Qualification
4.2.1 Technical Qualification & its Criteria for Wind Power Ventures

Audio Track 5 — Duration: 14:38

4.2.2. Technical Qualification & its Criteria for Photovoltaic Ventures

Audio Track 6 — Duration: 10:47

4.3 Types of Generation Auctions
4.3.1. A-N Auctions
4.3.2. New Energy Auction
4.3.3. Structuring Auction or Structuring Project Auction
4.3.4. Renewable Energy Auction
4.3.5. Existing Energy Auction
4.3.6. Adjustment Auction
4.3.7. Reserve Energy Auction

Audio Track 7 — Duration: 15:26

4.4 Analysis of Energy Trading Agreements in the Regulated Market
4.4.1. Forward Periods & Supply Deadlines
4.4.2. Modalities
4.4.3. Guarantees
4.4.4. Penalties
4.4.5. Relevant Aspects
4.4.6. Adaptations for Solar & Wind Power Sources

Audio Track 8 — Duration: 21:09

5. The Importance of Auctions in Promoting Renewable Sources
5.1 History of Renewable Energies in Brazilian Auctions
5.1.2. Evolution of Renewable Sources in Generation Auctions
5.1.3. Qualified Volumes & Contracted Volumes
5.1.4. Prices
5.1.5. Discount
5.1.6. Winners’ Profile & Analysis

Audio Track 9 — Duration: 19:25

5.2. Perspectives & Obstacles
5.2.1. Competitiveness Factors in Brazil
5.2.2. Trends & Expectations

6. Conclusion

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